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Catan: Traders and Barbarians core

Catan: Traders and Barbarians core

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    Delve deep into Catan! In Catan: Traders and Barbarians you'll find cool new ways to explore Klaus Teuber's award-winning game series. You can now play with just 2 players! Add a Harbormaster, a friendly robber, or special events. Play with a wealth of new wooden pieces, board tiles and capabilities. Even link your games to create an intriguing campaign. Use these 4 variants and 5 scenarios to reinvent your Catan experience!!!

    5 Challenging New Scenerios:                                                Contains:

    The Fishermen of Catan- Fish in the                                      - 24 wooden knights

    great lake or try casting in rich coastal shoals.                        - 12 wooden bridges

    A fresh, expanded, and updated version!                               - 36 wooden barbarians

    The Rivers of Catan- Not one, but two                                    - 22 wooden camels

    great rivers invite flourishing commerce.                                - 4 wooden wagons

    bridge them en route to glory and wealth.                              - 40 coin counters

    The Caravans- Nomads of the Oasis                                      - 14 new region and water tile pieces

    seek wool and grain. Camel caravans offer trade.                    - 3 frame pieces

    Barbarian Attack- Eager for booty, vile                                  - 120 new cards

    barbarians land and occupy Catan's fertile                              - Special victory point cards and tokens

    shores. Brave knights unite and ride to battle                         - Variants & scenarios bookklet

    Traders & Barbarians- Your Wagons

    transport fine marble, glass, tools, and sand

    to help Catan's castle to splendor.

    Combine these novel scenerios to create

    a refreshing, compelling campaign!!

  • Details
    Category: Board Games
    Time: 90 minutes
    Designer: Klaus Teuber
    PrimaryName: Catan
    Players: 2-4
    Year: 2008
    Family: board games
    Ages: 12+
    Publisher: Mayfair Games Inc.