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All in-store play at Gaming Underground is currently suspended due to COVID concerns.  Please stay tuned to our facebook page for further information as to when the play area will be open again.


Regular events at Gaming Underground, LLC:

Monday:  Modern Magic tournament, 6:30PM - optional $5 entry for pack prizes or FREE event for older FNM and other promo cards

Tuesday: Legacy Cube Magic tournament, 6:30PM - Optional $5 entry for pack prizes

Wednesday: Magic Draft - $12 entry, 8/4 single elimination draft.  Usually latest release of Magic, starts 6:30, fires as soon as 8 sign up

   Legacy Magic: Optional $5 entry for pack prizes

   D&D Adventure League, 6PM, FREE entry

Thursday: Standard Showdawn Magic Tournament, 6:30pm, FREE entry, Showdown packs for entering and additional pack for winning

Friday: FNM!  Standard and Modern formats start at 6:30pm

Saturday: Event day - stay tuned to for details on upcoming events

Sunday: Pokemon League 2-4PM, Malifaux and Warhammer tables and players typically meet this day for games